Our Clients

Site Name Contractor Area(Sqft) Specification
Sai Contractors & Engineers, Pune SELF 116500.00 Factory shed PEB of 35.00x103.00x8.00 m - 3 nos
Sai Shrusti Resorts, Shirdi SELF 37800.00 45.00x37.00 m & 44.00x42.00 m
Supreme Plywood, Ltd SELF 14000.00 Factory shed PEB of 22.50 x 58.00 m
Antony Lara Waste Management, Kanjur, Mumbai SELF 79920 MRF Shed PEB & Sheeting of 50.68x142.556x11 m
Avery Dennison India Ltd., Ranjangaon, Pune SELF 37675 Factory shed PEB of 40x65x8 m and 30x30x6 m
Sharvaya Metals Ltd., Bhalavani, Parne SELF 20000 Factory shed PEB of 17.50 x 105.00 m
Ferrero Imsofer Ltd., Baramati SELF 105000 Factory shed of 95x80 m PEB and PUF panel fixing
Ujjwal Electricals Ltd., Pandharipul, Newasa SELF 54250 Factory shed PEB of 72.00 x 70.00 M
Ganraj Ispat Ltd., Supa SELF 66200 Factory shed of 205x30 m - PEB with sheeting and civil works
Sudarshan Milk Ltd for Mr. Kotkar at Supa SELF 52000 Factory shed of 120x40 m - PEB with sheeting and civil works
Factory shed for Mr. Yogesh Agrawal at Supa SELF 6000 Factory shed of 29x19 m - PEB with sheeting and civil works
Indrayani Warehouse for Mr. Shivaji Kardile SELF 10000 Factory shed of 52x18 m - PEB with sheeting and civil works
Vinay Chondhe & Sons Warehousing SELF 40100 Warehouse shed PEB of 40.00 x 93.00 m